Thursday, January 05, 2006

Revolution Group: New Logo

We've been busy with branding these days. Revolution Group asked us to revamp their brand to incorporate a sense of movement, yet retain the simplicity, clarity and balance a company of their maturity and knowledge should convey. The branding established in the new logo and corporate identity is following in a forthcoming website...

Lumasense: New Logo

Lumasense is an LED technology solutions company. LEDs are set to make the light-bulb obsolete in the coming decade. Lumasense is driving the adoption of LED technology by providing lighting solutions for a wide variety of architectural and retail applications. Their website is forthcoming.

Their logo represents the eye as the sensory organ for light, but also the LED components themselves as the iris. LED technology also makes excellent "sense" for illumination in the 21st century.

Finally, one of the most incredible aspects of LED technology is that it can be competely controlled, like a computer application, for the creation of millions of colors in real time. It can blend, transition, and animate on-the-fly. The logo represents the dynamic nature of the movement of color, from one to the next. Keep your eye on LED technology - you will see it everywhere before too long.