Monday, July 09, 2012

How to find the most the most popular graphic design blogs

So what graphic design blogs should you follow? There are lots to pick from but you want the design blogs that are publishing content that is both helpful and fresh. Read too many old design articles and you might start wearing bell bottoms or growing big sideburns. A lot of design blogs have gone dark in 2012 that were busy and popular just in the last couple of years. You have to find and stick with what's relevant.

The Big List of Lists takes a different approach to the venerable "list post". Instead of simply recycling readily available older list posts of varying quality, it takes a social pulse of popular graphic design blogs with it's latest post, 135+ Top Graphic Design Blogs (Ranked and Sortable!) for 2012 ,  and measures 1) frequency of posting useful design articles, 2) Alexa Rank and 3) Google Pagerank.

But there is a twist! You can sort the list by different criteria to find out the blogs score against each other, which is much more revealing that simply a big list of stats.

So if you like list posts do yourself a favor and visit the article above, and don't forget to follow or sign up for the email newsletter!