Thursday, April 10, 2008

Providence Graphic Design & Arts Meetup for April 2008

The next meeting I'm organizing is coming up April 21st, 2008, at Brewed Awakenings in Johnston, RI. Our "in the round" format works fantastic, with people contributing like crazy to the conversation. We move fast from subject to subject. This meeting will be no exception.
At the last meeting, we pursued a thread at one point about what peoples favorite apps or tips for doing this or that were. Obviously, it was very impassioned, with everyone chipping on what worked best. We decided to make this conversation the leading theme for the next meeting. 
So, it's truly a "bring your own" kind of situation. You can bring more than 3 if you want! The more the better. I can see this becoming a feature of every meeting, as each meeting will have different or new members.I think that the social networking aspect of getting good advice about this or that is priceless, which is why I think the topic took off so voraciously at the last meeting. I hope we keep the flames kindled and stoked for the April meeting. I bet we will!