Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SEO Conclusions - Humorous to say the least!

I don't have time to elaborate much...perhaps sometime in the future! But here are the basics, backed up by several months of data starting from scratch.

1) Niches without a lot of competition work. For instance, I have handily cornered the market on "how to stretch pizza dough" with ONE article with ONE blog on blogspot. Do a search and be jealous of my results.

2) SEO is a lot of work if you are trying to the move the needle by means other than hard work.

3) Post real content about something you love in a niche that is not heavily competed in and you will be king.

4) Content, content, content. The more competition in your niche, the more content you need and the busier you will have to be on other blogs and sites and whatnot to get good inbound links.

5) When competition is thin, just a little bit of good content goes a LONG way. Again, weep at my "pizza" success.

6) Niche niche niche.

There it is. Use the Google external keyword tool, don't go after "ipod" or "lcd screens" and you should be on your way.

Oh, one more:

7) If your niche isn't a money maker like my example, forget making money from it. Theoretically, if you had the time and smarts and patience to find say 100 niches like my example, you could make several hundred a month.

One more more:

8) If you worked 80 hours a week for 6-9 months, I factor, you could make a couple grand a month.

The final last one more:

9) If you *really* want to make money, do#8 for a year, and then start selling information on how to do what you did. Then you can work from the beach sipping drinks that have little umbrellas in them.

Question for you now that you have 9 points to ponder:

Q) What is more fun than SEO?
a) sorting paper clips and detangling them
b) cleaning your junk drawer
c) painting a spiral oak bannister
d) walking 20 miles barefoot on pavement
e) all of the above

Hint: "e" is the correct answer. How did you do?

Question for you now that you passed the quiz with a 100%:

Q) Should you mess with SEO beyond the basics and focus on awesome content or should you read up on secret SEO techniques and copy content from random places and try to game the system in your favor?

I will leave you to figure that one out. However, for a limited time, I'm offering "the answer" for a special, today-only, limited-access, secret, private, amazing, one-time-only price of $495, woops $295, woops $34.95, woops I meant $9.95. But act now because once I take this offer down in 5 minutes, it will never be offered again....

(Note to self - take down this add in the year 2036, put in calendar)