Monday, February 25, 2008

Providence Graphic Design & Arts Meetup: March 2008

The primary factor in good graphic design is communication. Designers and illustrators, even web developers, have to thoroughly understand the primary mission of a design based on a thorough understanding of the clients needs. Good communications is also the foundation of our new graphic design "meetup."

For the March 2008 meetup, I came up with the idea of primary colors together with communication amongst individuals being the foundation of solid design. We feed on each other, as in a loop. When everyone is communication, all the "colors" are possible from our "primary" contributions. We create better to the extent we communicate better.

On a related note, Veerle's Blog ran a poster contest recently. The goal was to communicate what graphic design is. There are some great entries. Take a look at the winners.

Our first meeting was a dynamic conversation that jumped from topic to topic with ease among a small group of professionals that had never met before. I thought this was great! We are hoping to replicate that in our March 2008 meeting.

Visit the Providence Graphic Design & Arts Meetup page to find out more about the March meeting.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Everything Events: New website and logo

The new Everything Events site has launched. A subtle floral theme underscores the organized simplicity that Everything Events wanted to convey in their brand. The logo work we did also reflects the same idea. It's always great to be able to design a new logo and new website in one project. It's easier to stay "in the groove" on a project like this and see all the components from brand down to the copy stay in focus.

For an interesting "before and after", see the previous post about playing with light and how it worked out in the final design.