Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Flying Higher

Here we have a quick little before and after scenario. Storm wanted a rebranding effort, but was very attached to their old logo. We took the logo under our wing, as it were, and taught it to fly a little higher. Forthcoming is a whole new website into which the refreshed logo will nest nicely. This project is the direct client of Strategic Advantage, a web technology company.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rusty old stuff

"It looks so old and dated now..." is something we hear from clients a lot as they examine their own marketing material, sales collateral, web pages, etc. We heartily will agree, if it's true. Sometimes there is a gem of an idea that is considered old, but perhaps it never got polished. We'll go to bat for a great idea that never got a fair chance. But many times, we just sit with our clients in the moment of realization, and just nod slowly in agreement. And then get to work!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

BonFX: New shoes have arrived!

While it isn't quite perfect yet (there are a few CSS tweaks needed for a few Safari issues), it's done and out there: freelance.bonfx.com. Our homepage has been basically the same (nothing much) for about five years. I've been cobbling the shoes of others in the interim. This was way overdue!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Text anomaly: "sine wave"?

This is an interesting "right ragged" text anomaly I noticed while typesetting part of a new design. In all my years of setting type, I would have to say that I never noticed a "sine wave" or anything else so complete in terms of an indentifiable shape in a very finite block of text. Unless you set type, you might not get to excited but consider:
  • The text reads perfectly (it wasn't massaged to make this happen)
  • It's just sitting in a box and it a complete thought
  • Completely un-premeditated (is that word?)
So, I wonder what the odds are of a seeing a perfectly identifiable shape in a finite block of text? Well, unless you set type for a living, you will probably ask nor care to answer that question.

Friday, October 07, 2005

TCS: Notecard with a light touch

This is the cover for a notecard we are designing for TCS Software. TCS wanted something to be able to send out to clients and potential clients that reflected the mature status of their proprietary software platform, with a light touch, while remaining within the fold of their new branding, which we executed recently. See the "Granny Ad" entry from earlier.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

ZoomInfo: Email Blast for Webinars

Here is the latest example of some of the opt-in email blasts we've been creating for ZoomInfo's Webinars. This is a standard HTML document with images hosted on the senders (or a third party's) servers. These types of campaigns to promote webinars have been extremely successfull for ZoomInfo, so they keep asking us to help them. That works nicely for both of us.

BonFX - New shoes for the cobbler's kids, finally.

Well, here is a sneak peak at the "new shoes", no pun intended (see the picture up close). Click, and you'll be able to read about our revamped freelance design studio services and offerings. The idea here is that we are going to change the "ad campaign" style graphics and related elements along with copy at the change of each season. Fresh content, as we have learned, really is "king." So don't forget to grab the XML feed on this blog if you want to be notified when the new site launches, and we make the next seasons change in December. Borrowing a lead from Google, we will also include "micro" changes to the site branding inbetween seasons.
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