Monday, April 16, 2007

Rhode Island Community Church: Logo

Rhode Island Community Church wanted a logo that captured a sense of the ancient symbols of the Christian faith, while at the same time making a contemporary statement.

We did research into Christian symbols and found that many times letters were used as abbreviations for whole words, and that several letters were used to convey a theological truth. "INRI", "Chi Rho" are examples. The logo contains a "C" and a "V" which stand for "Christus Victor" which is shorthand for a particular understanding of the life , death, and resurrection of Christ. For those interested, you can read more in this article at wikipedia.

So the final synthesis is a simple, bold color treatment and design aesthetic blended with the the "look and feel" of the symbols of old.

A very interesting site full of old icons and symbols is located here, and makes an interesting 5 minute perusal.