Monday, February 25, 2008

Providence Graphic Design & Arts Meetup: March 2008

The primary factor in good graphic design is communication. Designers and illustrators, even web developers, have to thoroughly understand the primary mission of a design based on a thorough understanding of the clients needs. Good communications is also the foundation of our new graphic design "meetup."

For the March 2008 meetup, I came up with the idea of primary colors together with communication amongst individuals being the foundation of solid design. We feed on each other, as in a loop. When everyone is communication, all the "colors" are possible from our "primary" contributions. We create better to the extent we communicate better.

On a related note, Veerle's Blog ran a poster contest recently. The goal was to communicate what graphic design is. There are some great entries. Take a look at the winners.

Our first meeting was a dynamic conversation that jumped from topic to topic with ease among a small group of professionals that had never met before. I thought this was great! We are hoping to replicate that in our March 2008 meeting.

Visit the Providence Graphic Design & Arts Meetup page to find out more about the March meeting.

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