Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Silly Ad for Providence Graphic Design & Arts Meetup

Here is an "ad", I'll call it, for the newly formed Providence Graphic Design & Arts Meetup. First off, you can see with a name like that, a decent acronym is nigh impossible ("pig dam"!). So maybe one of the first things we'll do as a group is get a better name so we can get a better acronym! I'm all for it. Bad acronym aside, one of the things I'm encouraging the group members to do is submit "ads" to help promote the site and themselves. Everyone who submits an ad will get it posted, which creates a link back to their website. The group gets promoted more, the groups webpage has more content (at, and they get some extra search engine mojo for the deed. about ProGDAS? Providence Graphic Design & Arts Society. Not much better....I know.

I wonder if anyone gets the, uh, "joke" in my ad. Only a graphic designer could. A digital photographer might.

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