Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Simple Elements for Logo Design

Here is a logo I designed for our sister company Bonneville Partners that focuses on partnering with clients to manage their websites using the Joomla CMS. The design concept for the bug was to integrate something about us into the motif of a calendar.

We wanted to convey to potential clients that their calendars, schedules, and content are important to us. Hence, the "B" on "their" calendar. When you think of updating your site for some event or timely news release, you think of us, your "partner".

So, we basically have 2 simple elements (3 if you are picky). A wavy rectangle (the calendar page) and the letter B. The rectangle could be seen as 2 different parts (the blue and the green). The lesson here is that in many cases, less is more. Some logos call for complexity, but the vast majority of small business logos are well served by simple clean design elements that fax and scale up and down well.

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