Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Blog Discovery, relatively speaking

I just came across WordPress MU, or multiple users. It's pronounced "Em Yew" and not "mooo" like a cow. This is dangerous :)

We are moving ahead with the foundational concepts and tech work on a few "deep" blogs we'll be running longterm. I was looking for something in WordPress to mimic the native functionality in Expression Engine, where setting up multiples blogs with distinct feeds and templates was possible. I just discovered MU, which makes this very easy.

WordPress MU is the same basic platform used on If you have a main site and would like to host "sub blogs" on your sub domains or other folders that feed into the pertinent info on your main domain, this could be extremely powerful.

In addition to the main blog which will feature important links and freshly written articles, I wanted to bring highly selective niche auto feeds to the overall value of the new blog(s). Auto feeds can of course be abused. But used correctly, they are a huge time saver and a great boon to anyone with a legitimate use for them. Legitimate, in my opinion, is simply anything other than spam blogs that create useless sites. But if you are in a niche, and nothing in that niche is optimized for SEO, and people in that niche are struggling to find information in that niche, well, auto blogging in the right context is very powerful.

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