Thursday, February 12, 2009

Capital Good Group logos

Andy Posner of has highlighted some of our latest freelance graphic design work on his blog. He is getting ready to launch a community micro-finance endeavor, and we are doing branding and websites for him. We are targetting March 1.

Read about the logos and the ideas behind them.

We handled the logo, web design, and development, for as well, which is a multiblog website running on Expression Engine. If you haven't checked out Expression Engine for doing highly customized websites or blogs with a super easy backend UI and utterly easy and powerful develpment method, you need to check them out. Andy's site is a testament to how powerful and customizable Expression Engine is. As an HTML/CSS nut, it can't any easier to integrate your code the way you want into a template system. It simply doesn't change anything whatsoever, and you can work locally on the code and upload as a file to make development very easy.

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