Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SEO Experiments: How to stretch pizza dough

Keep laughing. But man are we learning. We are in the SEO school of Trial By Inundation.

Our next experiment is about how to stretch pizza dough. The searches are less than a thousand a month, and very little specific results. It's funny to see what people type in Google. I like this one "pizza dough won't stretch" with a whoping 12 searches a month. I can almost see the frustrated pizza maker saying "Man, my dough won't stretch" and then a benevolent voice whispers, "Go ask Google" and the compliant chef pensively sits down and tells Google his pizza troubles...

Well, no optimized results for such an obscure search term, for sure. But I have been making pizza for 25 years or so, and can speak to the subject. If you are really bored, read on:

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