Saturday, February 07, 2009

New trend: One page web design

 There is a tad of ground swell around the idea of having a one page web design. One page web designs take advantage of the oft-misunderstood user behavior of scrolling. Let's face it now squarely: users scroll. They know what the mouse is. In the drive for "less mouse clicks", why not just GET RID of them? A one page web design does this.

We recently redesigned our freelance graphic design site,, into a one page web design. Everything you need to know is right there. There is absolutely no navigation. The user gets there and can see quite clearly that the only thing to do is...scroll down. In three gentle, single-finger mouse wheel movements, or slider bar grabs, the user has read all they need to know about BonFX. Shortly, we'll have the link to the new blogs hooked up, but that is not what people are initially landing on our site for.

We got started on this idea recently. We found two articles on the same day regarding one page website designs, and how successful they had been for their respective objectives:

...and also...

We've gotten quite a bit of curious traffic back to after commenting on both articles. There is definitely an interest. I say the less clicks the better. The less mouse and hand movement the better. It allows users to focus all their intention on your message, not on where your message might be.

It doesn't solve the problem for every type of website of course, but I think for many, many websites, including your standard brochure style website, this might be a good idea. We'll see - but for now I'm going to have fun working on one page web design projects! I have a few lined up already!

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