Monday, February 02, 2009

Yet another SEO experiment

We are probably going to post 100 of these in the next few months! We have become completely intrigued. There are LOTS of books and programs and whatnots that say they will teach you how to optimize your site for search engines. But, the fact that there are SO many of them available has me thinking that this can't be that hard to figure out. The basic methods are all very straightforward, but implementing strategies really depends on site goal and the nature of your material. Therefore, it seems the only right way to do this, if we are going to do it all, is to jump in and try ourselves. 

Our newest experiment is about...the humble cast iron skillet. Again, we don't have time to explain why we are choosing this term. The term itself is kind of arbitrary, but the numbers behind the term, as revealed by Google Analytics, is what is more interesting. It's a niche, for sure. In fact, more of the posts we make in the next few weeks or months regarding SEO will likely be about niches. Our clients are usually smaller businesses with a need for niche marketing. In fact, WE need niche marketing! 

So, if you are interested what a "cast iron skillet" blog might look like, click away!

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