Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SEO again

(NOTE: Great...tried to put some code examples in here and Blogger translates them all to actual working links and not examples that you can read. I'll have to read up on how to get Blogger to not "help" me format my posts!)

A new blog with 20+ articles, with analytics, adsense, and some Amazon product placements, took an hour to put together. The new blog is on white nose sleep machine products and info...but maybe I shouldn't be calling these blogs exactly. They are mini sites using a "shallow" technique to try and capture a search term that does not have a lot competition for it's specific phrase.

Now if I'm not mistaken, a high-quality link back to a blog has a good "A" tag name. The "A" tag is the "A" in the code:

So a quality link to, say, a freelance graphic designer might like this, in code:

That code, when in a live site, looks like the "white noise" link above. It references the keywords of the destination site. Therefore, a high quality link to a Freelance Graphic Designer would look just like the link in this sentence. The search engines like this because it validates, from another domain, that the site being linked to has something to do with those terms.

Well, before we take the plunge and start paying for SEOBook service, we are determined to learn some stuff ourselves. So we are going to keep at it and learn the "old school" way of trial and error. At least for a while.

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